24. Legend

I had a great idea for a YA dystopian novel, so I googled YA dystopian novels and found Legend. Subsequently also found that the plot I wanted to write involving virtual reality and dystopia had already been written, a few times over. Well, so much for the pile of books I bought on impulse about virtual reality theory. But who knows, maybe they’ll come in handy one day.

Legend was not bad. I liked the alternating narratives between the two main characters, and I was curious about the plot being based on a cat and mouse chase between them a la Les Miserables, although a Les Miserables in which Javert and Jean val Jean fall in love and the curtain closes on them cuddling and watching the sunrise. 

Again, we have an Asian lead character who claims Asian heritage and is constantly referred to as Asian but who looks not really Asian at all - he’s blonde even. Do people expect or somehow require an Asian author to feature Asian-ness in their books, even if only superficially? I’m wondering out loud now - is there a popular book in YA fiction that features an entire cast of Asian American characters, who are definitely Asian in their look and culture, and who are not mixed, or adopted, or orphaned, or somehow blonde? Does this exist? Or is it as difficult to imagine as is a hit Asian sitcom? Time to Google some more…